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ICYMI: Quid Pro Quo’s Shut Up and Play is where you zip it, sway it, stomp it, and bang it

All photos are posted with approval and are property of JLE Music. Click here for the full album.

Quid Pro Quo, a budding community dedicated to the exchange of art for art, keeps growing as they’ve curated a gig to cater to the art of post-rock and math rock music. Shut Up and Play happened last Saturday (July 15) at Mow’s and it was astounding.


With that in mind, you can say the ‘quids’ at Quid Pro Quo have taste.

Last Saturday’s gig was essentially a post-rock night that is comprised of performances by a total of 7 instrumental post-rock/math rock acts from within and outside Metro Manila. And among other things, Mow’s Bar in the tranquil Matalino Street makes for the perfect venue for a gig such as Shut Up and Play. Imagine walking down that street accompanied by the instrumental post-rock music of Hide Nothing and tide/edit, for instance. With that in mind, you can say the ‘quids’ at Quid Pro Quo have taste.


hide nothing

The show got on the road some 15 minutes later than the intended 9PM, but it’s no big deal. It was the weekend. People were just coming in around that time, too. Moreover, Hide Nothing, the night’s buena mano hailing from Tanay, Rizal were just about to finish setting up in that prelude as well, and then proceeding to their set eventually. They were followed by shaw from Quezon City, and then by Tom’s Story, whom need no introduction.

tide/edit followed right after with an awesome set and some playful repartee. Comic, Quid Pro Quo’s homegrown act, played next as soon as tide/edit were finished with their set. Comic are comical performers; they’d sometimes throw in a joke or two, and your either sides or your jaws will hurt from laughing. Lol. For this particular gig, they just threw the concept of ”shut up and play” out the door because they have one track entitled Box Office that has a bit of vocals, but you will forgive them for it because it’s mad good.

Sound Architects, as their profile suggests, followed through with intense dynamic contrasts and heavily layered textures of sound rooted in their affinity for doom and drone metal, ambient music, and their studies of contemporary classical music. And it’s true. Ultimately, the night was capped off, blown way, and sent home satisfied by Terno Recordings’ AOUI.




To wrap this up nicely with a ribbon on top, Quid Pro Quo successfully pulled off a full-on post-rock night with Shut Up and Play. You don’t come across these kinds of gigs too often, but with the cool quids at QPQ—and if you continue to support them and their artists—it might just become something more than a spin-off type of gig in the long run.