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[We’ll be] Going back to Madison!

Indie-pop garage rock band CAROUSEL CASUALTIES will be launching their debut EP Madison this May 19, 2017 (Friday) at Saguijo, Makati.

TRIVIA: Their first gig was under ILVSTRADOS back when we held the reins at Sev’s Cafe, staging Students Night Out.

The band’s sound is reminiscent of British pop and garage rock music infused with post-rock, math rock, blues rock, soul and funk influences. The band released two singles namely “Safety” and “Flats,” both landing top spots on Jam 88.3’s Fresh Filter in 2016 and 2017. The former was voted #29 on the radio station’s 2016 Yearend Countdown and was featured in Japanese music blog Niche Music. The EP was produced by Nick Lazaro of Moonwlk (whose production credits include Oh, Flamingo!, Cheats, among many others) at La Balls Studio and features 6 original tracks.


Carousel Casualties was formally founded on August of 2016. The band is comprised of Emmie Villegas and Pau Villanueva on both vocals and guitar, Jot Nicanor on bass and Xavier Lucente on drums. The band has consistently performed in several prominent venues such as SaGuijo Cafe, Route 196 Bar, 19 East, Mow’s and Aloha Bar. Carousel Casualties was also recently invited by DLSU Taft’s Green Giant FM for an afternoon of radio guesting and performance. They also performed at St. Scholastica’s Annual school fair last March.

The EP Launch will feature guest performers Banna Harbera, Moonwlk, Paranoid City, Rob & Hitmen, and She’s Only Sixteen. Gates open 8PM. Entrance is P200 (inclusive of one free drink). Show starts 9PM.

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5 things to watch out for in #IntramurosRisingV

There are two types of Intramuros Rising attendees: the one looks forward to the line-up, while the other is in it for the experience. Intramuros Rising V: Open City promises to meet the expectations of both types of attendees.

However, in this special article, we want to emphasize the things that we are lucky enough to showcase in this edition!

Let’s begin…


Moonwlk, Paranoid City, and Cebu/Cagayan De Oro City-based duo, Kaapin will be serving us enough dosage of electronic music. We suggest you check ’em out ahead of #IntramurosRisingV through the links we’ve attached to their names! 😉

The full live band of Moonwlk will be in #IntramurosRisingV!

The full live band of Moonwlk will be in #IntramurosRisingV!

Kaapin is flying all the way from Cebu and Cagayan De Oro City!

Kaapin is flying all the way from Cebu and Cagayan De Oro City!

Paranoid City is out to make you say, "here we are, here we go!"

Paranoid City is out to make you say, “here we are, here we go!”

ENDLESS NOISE, hometown represent!

Solo post-rock act, ENDLESS NOISE, manned by Marvin Chua, is finally getting the Intramuros Rising spotlight he most deserve. He played for ILVSTRADOS on numerous events (IR-3, Dungeon Date, Students Night Out, Ex Vivo); time to complete his quest, and time for you, attendees, to be amazed by his performance. He may be solo, but, man, he will blow you away!

Tanghalang Batingaw + Miguel Petines

The alumni association of Lyceum of the Philippines University-based theater group, Tanghalang Batingaw, will be performing an excerpt of their acclaimed play about HIV/AIDS entitled, “Kiriring Aida’t Macaraig”.

Green Archer Miguel Petines, a dude we discovered during one open-mic night at the now-defunct Sev’s Cafe, will be providing 20 minutes of pure comedy!

Dragonfly Collector + Ang Bandang Shirley — all aboard the overflowing #feels train!

Sure, the line-up for this one is beautifully diverse (as always) and at par with the standards of IR and its community, but what made us stress out on the headliners is the fact that these two are arguably the go-to guys, the pioneers legends of their own craft in the indie scene.

It’s not every IR that we get to fill it with acts that are too fit for the rainy mood!

Dragonfly Collector by Clem Castro (Orange and Lemons, The Camerawalls) is the real thing if we talk about indie pop and indie folk. After so many years of non-stop musical journey post-Orange and Lemons and The Camerawalls, Dragonfly Collector is proof that nothing can ever stop the musical genius of the Clem Castro.

Co-headlining the festival is Ang Bandang Shirley. These guys have been around the scene for so long, and running through their Spotify albums, it may raise an argument to say that they’ve been sticking around to what they’ve been doing since day one–and we got no problem with that.

Recently, the band released their newest single, UMAAPAW, off their forthcoming album. We can’t help not to imagine ourselves hearing and watching it live within the walls of Intramuros, with drizzles from the heavens. #feels Let your imagination work for you!


During the early times, we were stubborn to deny that it’s going to rain, in spite of the weather forecasts prior to the event day. (Well, one time, it was really sunny, but then they decided to rain on our parade. Yes, IR-3 we’re looking at you!)

This time, we are embracing the rainy season, so bring your raincoats… and dance with us!


Intramuros Rising V: Open City happens on July 9, 2016 at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros. Gates will be open by 3PM, show starts exactly at 4PM. Book your tickets now by filling this up: http://bit.ly/IRV-P1

Come to Intramuros. Give Intramuros a chance! #IntramurosRisingV

ILVSTRADOS declares Intramuros an ‘Open City’

Four months after the successful 2-day Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March, we are back for an ultraelectromagnetic INTRAMUROS RISING V: OPEN CITY happening on JULY 9, 2016 at the PUERTA REAL GARDENS, INTRAMUROS.

Albeit it’s going to be for one day only (like the preceding ones before IR-4), IR-V promises yet another distinct experience in the Walled City by embracing the event day’s forecasted weather of heavy rains by encouraging attendees to bring raincoats (raincoat party!) and fielding the line-up with acts that fit the mood of the night.

'Intramuros Rising V: Open City' official poster made by Markuss Javier of ILVSTRADOS.

‘Intramuros Rising V: Open City’ official poster made by Markuss Javier of ILVSTRADOS.

Headlining the festival will be indie folk stalwart, Clem Castro (Orange and Lemons, The Camerawalls) aka DRAGONFLY COLLECTOR and indie rock powerhouse, ANG BANDANG SHIRLEY. Still preserving our mission of showcasing Intramuros’ homegrown artists, solo post-rock act Marvin Chua aka ENDLESS NOISE, a resident of Intramuros, and Lyceum of the Philippines University-based rock band, EYEBEE, will be representing the Walled City in a line-up that is mostly fielded by acts from beyond the walls.

IR-V: OPEN CITY makes a bold move in introducing electronic music to its community by having MOONWLK, PARANOID CITY, and Cebu/Cagayan De Oro-based duo, KAAPIN in the line-up.  Joining them are LOBA Y LOBOS, THE SUBSPRING, RUNWAY HITS, WASTED WENDY, THE MODERN PLAYGROUND, CREATEURS, and BETWEEN ARCHERY AND OLYMPIC. Even if the line-up this time is made up mostly of outsider bands, we are maintaining the Intramuros Rising tradition and promise of introducing your newest favorite act/s in the music scene.

Additionally, IR-V takes a break in spoken word poetry by introducing newest attractions namely LPU-based theatre group, TANGHALANG BATINGAW, and solo stand-up comedian, MIGUEL PETINES. (These additional attractions came from the observation that the Intramuros Rising crowd is a listening crowd.)

For IR-V, we played around heavily with nostalgia: From the line-up down to the official look. Hence we settled with a strong homage to VOLTES V and to the lone letter V in our logo. This 5th installment may present an all-new line-up, but the experience is still the same, or maybe better.

Celebrate music and arts with us in Intramuros as we open our gates once again. Come to Intramuros. Give Intramuros a chance! Gates open by 3PM, show starts at exactly 4PM.

Book your tickets to Intramuros Rising V: Open City through this form: http://bit.ly/IRV-P1 or contact 0997 493 5900 for tickets.