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Wallowing — Soil & Green prepares to ‘let go’ with debut LP


NO, THE BAND’S NOT BREAKING UP. Although sometimes in our lives, there comes a moment where we just find ourselves in the dark. And we might not even try to get out of there because it’s such a drag to deal with things. But we got to let go of all the things that are swelling up inside. We must keep moving forward, even if it means crawling out or pulling ourselves out of our dark days.

We knew Soil & Green from way back in 2014 as we were gearing up for the first-ever Intramuros Rising. The band hails from the Mapua Institute of Technology—now Mapua University—and to best describe their sound per our boys is “a mix of heavy riff-oriented guitar licks, ambient guitar layering, ear-gasmic basslines, odd ‘singing’ drum patterns, and powerful vocals.” Surely enough, if you’ve managed to catch them in any of their gigs in the past, their description rings loud and true. In addition, they say dynamic arrangement is key to their individuality and chemistry; with those elements altogether forged their identity as a band. Nonetheless, over time, the sun rises and sets.

From left to right, Soil & Green during Intramuros Rising 1 last August 2, 2014: Marvin Montero (bass), Jacob Oliva (guitars & vocals), and Lehmann Flores (guitars)

From left to right, Soil & Green during Intramuros Rising 1 last August 2, 2014: Marvin Montero (bass), Jacob Oliva (guitars & vocals), and Lehmann Flores (guitars)


To give an idea as to what the album’s all about, we’ve managed to catch up with Soil & Green frontman Jacob Oliva and guitarist Lehmann Flores.

Could you tell us something about the whole album? What can we expect?

Jacob: ‘Wallowing’ defines Soil & Green as it is right now. All the songs from the previous release back in 2010 are included in this album, which says a lot about the genre of its track list. Why ‘Wallowing?’ As the definition of that word suggests, the theme of the whole album—from lyrics to music and arrangement—points to this: sadness without solution. If the album is the biography of a person, that person seems to enjoy the sadness he’s in, thus, wallowing in depression.

Lehmann: Almost 2 years in the making, tapos mostly experiences ni Jacob sa pag-ibig in general, pero nilaro yung words to make it [seem] na ibang bagay yung tinutukoy.

wallowing _album

The band is set to release their debut album on JUNE 10 at the saGuijo Bar + Café in Makati City, together with Talata, Saydie, Maryzark, False Apart, Kodigo, and their Indio Cartel brodies, Wasted Wendy. 200PHP gets you in with 1 FREE drink; 450PHP gets you in with all the goodies. (1 copy of ‘Wallowing’ + stickers + 1 FREE drink)



Intramuros Rising 2: A December To Remember | Official Aftermovie

As the old saying goes: “strike whilst the iron is hot.” ILVSTRADOS, the resilient team behind the successful ‘INTRAMUROS RISING 1’, came back stronger with ‘Intramuros Rising 2: A December To Remember’ last December 13, 2014.

With a bigger turnout, more diverse line-up, and a night filled with Filipino vibes (people dancing, crowd-surfing) — it was, truly, a December worth remembering.

12/13/14 is the last consecutive dates we will ever see/experience in this lifetime. Thank you for spending it with us at the Baluarte Plano Luneta de Sta. Isabel, Intramuros.

See you again this year for IR3 and IR4: The Homecoming! Come to Intramuros. Give Intramuros a chance… once again!

‘Intramuros Rising 2: A December To Remember’ is presented to you by the ILVSTRADOS: A non-profit organization consisting of professionals, artists, and students who are dedicated in revitalizing Intramuros through music and the arts.

This is made possible with the continued support of the Intramuros Administration, Lyric, and Viva Manila.

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LYCINE www.facebook.com/weareLYCINE

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