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#ICYMI: Banna Harbera released MV for ‘Sorrys & Goodbyes’


It was an intimate night at saGuijo last April 29 when independent soul/funk band Banna Harbera released their first ever music video for Sorrys & Goodbyes, the second track off their sophomore EP, Persistence. By “intimate,” we mean the venue was already nearly packed and standing room as early as frickin’ 8pm! That was some following, man. It was tight. It was a good thing we managed to stand outside by saGuijo’s glass window so we could get to watch the performances.

If you missed the experience last Saturday, here’s a rundown of what occurred:

The show got on the road at around 9pm with Tom’s Story as the opening act, and you can never go wrong with these guys whether you have them opening shows or you line them up somewhere in the middle because they never fail to deliver. And what’s arguably the best way you’d know it’s Tom’s Story is when you hear them play their signature track, Anchors, along with another favorite such as Mugatu.

Tom’s Story is followed by Mayonnaise, playing hit anthems like Jopay and Tayo Na Lang Dalawa that surely brought people down to high school memory lane.

What’s more, in keeping the momentum steady for people to be able to breathe after two exhilarating acts came Rob & The Hitmen, a 4-piece pop band that injects R&B and funk rudiments in their music that gave people that chill funky vibe. And to amplify that chill, funky vibe with a dash of bluesy-LoveSupreme-intimacy is where MilesExperience came into play, raising the momentum up once more which paved the way for the climactic performance of Jensen & The Flips right after.






Then came the soulful heroes of the hour, Banna Harbera. Though before they started off with their set, they gave us the chance to watch music video for ‘Sorrys & Goodbyes’ first. It was every bit as emotional as its titular track. Keep in mind that the song is like a letter to someone who had been left behind; alternatively, someone who’s left another one behind.

So, in the music video, we saw a character—broken and alone—grieving the fallout of a relationship that did not seem to work out. Imagine all the things you could’ve said, would’ve said, or should’ve said, but you didn’t get the chance to do so. And you try to mend your pieces back together albeit self-destructive tendencies linger.

Elements like crumpled pieces of paper on the bed signified old love letters; an attempt of smoking about half a pack of cigarettes tells of self-destruction as a mean to an end; most notably among others is the scene where our character is soaked with water, drenched in her pain. They all fit in quite perfectly that they add such artistic depth to the music video which left us in breathtaking awe.


[We’ll be] Going back to Madison!

Indie-pop garage rock band CAROUSEL CASUALTIES will be launching their debut EP Madison this May 19, 2017 (Friday) at Saguijo, Makati.

TRIVIA: Their first gig was under ILVSTRADOS back when we held the reins at Sev’s Cafe, staging Students Night Out.

The band’s sound is reminiscent of British pop and garage rock music infused with post-rock, math rock, blues rock, soul and funk influences. The band released two singles namely “Safety” and “Flats,” both landing top spots on Jam 88.3’s Fresh Filter in 2016 and 2017. The former was voted #29 on the radio station’s 2016 Yearend Countdown and was featured in Japanese music blog Niche Music. The EP was produced by Nick Lazaro of Moonwlk (whose production credits include Oh, Flamingo!, Cheats, among many others) at La Balls Studio and features 6 original tracks.


Carousel Casualties was formally founded on August of 2016. The band is comprised of Emmie Villegas and Pau Villanueva on both vocals and guitar, Jot Nicanor on bass and Xavier Lucente on drums. The band has consistently performed in several prominent venues such as SaGuijo Cafe, Route 196 Bar, 19 East, Mow’s and Aloha Bar. Carousel Casualties was also recently invited by DLSU Taft’s Green Giant FM for an afternoon of radio guesting and performance. They also performed at St. Scholastica’s Annual school fair last March.

The EP Launch will feature guest performers Banna Harbera, Moonwlk, Paranoid City, Rob & Hitmen, and She’s Only Sixteen. Gates open 8PM. Entrance is P200 (inclusive of one free drink). Show starts 9PM.

Banna Harbera gears up to release MV for ‘Sorrys & Goodbyes’

When it’s time to go, there’s no way of sugarcoating it, really, unless you’re about to tell your significant other a lie; thinking that it would ease the pain, but let’s be honest here—it won’t. Some people cut to the chase and leave without another word after. Some people take some time to say sorry, and goodbye.


After various performances around the Metro, a stint in Intramuros Rising 3 back in July 2015, and having released 2 EPs, as well as landing a spot in Wanderland 2017 as one of the Top 5 finalists, local soul/funk band Banna Harbera are increasingly one of the sought after independent acts today. The band is comprised of Yzabel Torres on vocals, Jake Masigan on guitar, Josh Planas on bass, Theo Blanch on keys, and Patrick Felipe on drums. They all came from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, and interestingly, all five of them have a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production which explains their distinct groove and masterful command of sound. Although the band’s music comes off as laid-back and chill, there are moments when their songs will have you up your feet and get you to dance.

After all, the band does play their music in a way that their listeners can dance, relate, and connect to.

MV Teaser


“It’s hard to say that I’m leaving you. The one thing on my mind is that you felt the same way, too.”

Now, in under a few days’ time, Banna Harbera are gearing up to release their first-ever music video for their ballad, Sorrys & Goodbyes, the second track off their second EP, Persistence. The song is essentially “a song that was kinda built around things unsaid to a certain someone, turning out to be too late to tell them,” per Banna Harbera guitarist, Jake Masigan. Asked if there were any experiences from anyone in the band that inspired the song, Masigan added that, “I wrote the song out of the blue—putting myself in the shoes of a person who’s just gotten their heart broken, or has just broken someone’s heart.” And it makes sense, because one could imagine the frustration of being left behind with all these things one could have said, would have said, and should have said.

Will we see this portrayed in the #SorrysMV? We’ll soon find out. Click here for the full event details.

MV Premiere Poster




While we remain faithful in showcasing Intramuros-based bands (alumni, students) at Intramuros Rising, we also see to it that we invite bands from neighboring cities/universities within the Manila area.

In our effort of extending our reach and giving opportunities for bands to play on a bigger venue and stage, we continued showcasing bands outside our walls as well, that’s where BANNA HARBERA (BH) enters. All the way from De La Salle College of Saint Benilde (Hello, Jensen and the Flips!)

When BH sent their resume during the application period for IR3, I shook my head upon knowing that they are from a university outside Intramuros. I was telling myself, “Oh, not another outside-Intramuros band again”. I then remembered that we are on the process of EXPANDING, gradually. And their music fits the bill of IR’s signature of DIVERSITY.

The people of Intramuros need to hear this band.

To have BH inside the walls is an act of preserving musical diversity on our end. And it’s pretty unbelievable that IR has reached the Taft Universities and even Katipunan.

Recently, I had a brief, electronic sit-down with one of the band’s members, Patrick Felipe (drums), here’s how it went.


J : Hi, Patrick! So, first thing: Why did you send your application for Intramuros Rising?

P : We want to be a part of the supportive OPM community. Not just in music, but also in other forms of art. We want show people that OPM is truly alive and well, and it is here to stay.

J : How stoked are you for Intramuros Rising? Wait… are you?

P : YAASSS! It is going to be one of the biggest events we’re ever gonna have the pleasure to perform in so far!

(DISCLAIMER: This part here makes me nervous. What happens if the turnout for IR3 is small? That’s going to break a lot of hearts. So, if you haven’t bought your ticket yet… WHY?!)

J : Care to give us a back story about your band?

P : We’re a soul band from DLS-CSB and we’re all Music Production students. We started back in 2013 as band that we wanted to just have fun with, but time went by and we decided to make something more of this group.

We want people to connect with our music, not just artistically, but emotionally.We want them to relate to it as if it were telling them something.

J : What shall we expect from you guys on D-DAY?

P :  Expect a lot of love and happiness from us. And some soulful music, too! We can’t wait to play for you guys!!!

Banna Harbera performing at the MAGNIFY event by DOCDEF PRODUCTIONS. Photo by Gab Pili.

Banna Harbera performing at the MAGNIFY event by DOCDEF PRODUCTIONS. Photo by Gab Pili.


We had the honor of having BH during the last leg of The Road to Intramuros Rising 3 at Sev’s Cafe. If you were there, thank you. If not, what you missed is a magical set: The crowd won’t allow the band to finish the song because applause come out of nowhere. A gesture of sheer appreciation of the band’s music.

The crowd wanted more from BH, but being the douchebag host that I am (we are), I simply told the crowd: If you want more of Banna Harbera, don’t miss their set on JULY 25, 2015 at the Plaza Moriones, Fort Santiago, Intramuros for INTRAMUROS RISING 3: OPM WEEKEND.

And it’s not a generic spiel. It’s more of an invitation, a challenge. A DARE, for lack of a modest term.

If you want quality music, you have to pay for it. And you have to explore an ancient city to find it.

The ball is all yours now, Banna Harbera. Welcome to Intramuros.

People are expecting MORE from you on Intramuros Rising 3.


More about Banna Harbera here: http://amplify.ph/artist/banna-harbe


#IRsevs – The final leg of ‘The Road to Intramuros Rising’

The dramatic run (tour) of The Road to Intramuros Rising that started at Saguijo, followed by Sound City at Plaza Maestranza, then recently at Route 196, has finally come to its conclusion! On July 4, 2015, ILVSTRADOS will cap off the pre-event pocket gigs at SEV’S CAFE — popularly know as home of the organization’s resident spoken word poetry partners, White Wall Poetry and Words Anonymous.

To shake things off, there will be minor changes in the flow for this one: The spoken word poets will no longer serve as breakers, they will have longer-than-usual sets instead! Performing at their homecourt are Intramuros Rising 3 candidates-for-graduationAngelicus, Banna Harbera, The Geeks, Oceandrive, and Oswald Sleeps Tonight. Also performing for this special night as special guest is HANA ACBD.

The door charge for #IRsevs will only be for 150php with 1 free drink; Intramuros Rising 3 tickets will be sold on site for only 100php for both students and non-students. Doors will be open as early as 7pm for pre-show entertainment!

This is the final leg of THE ROAD TO INTRAMUROS RISING. Our last stand. Come to Sev’s Cafe. Give Intramuros a chance!

The official poster of #IRsevs

The official poster of #IRsevs




The official #IntramurosRising3 poster by Kate Quebrar, with illustrations from Ivan Cocjin.

The official #IntramurosRising3 poster by Kate Quebrar, with illustrations from Ivan Cocjin.

Intramuros to commemorate OPM through arts and music festival

Write-up by Kenno Nishioka

The Walled City is set to celebrate Original Pinoy Music (OPM) in another installment of arts, music, and poetry on Intramuros Rising 3 on July 25, 2015, Saturday, at Plaza Moriones, Fort Santiago.

Headlining Intramuros Rising 3 are fast-rising indie synthpop band Autotelic, Lilystars Records’ folk artist Ian Penn, classic rock and roll band Demi from Paranaque, and indie band Death by Elephant from UST.

ILVSTRADOS aims to showcase the various emerging arts alive in the scene that fellow Filipinos can take pride in. These include independent music and spoken word poetry.

Despite the multitude of foreign musical acts that have landed on Philippine shores the past six months, ILVSTRADOS always remains relevant: Intramuros Rising 3 is set during the last week of July — Original Pinoy Music (OPM) Week.

The OPM Week is celebrated in accordance with Proclamation 933 s. 2014.

“We want to be relevant as possible. We will join the celebration of OPM through Intramuros Rising, by showcasing both our homegrown talents and guests,” said Jeremy Lopez, head honcho of the arts festival.

Along with Autotelic, Ian Penn, Demi, and Death by Elephant are bands that are loud and proud of their Intramuros roots. Bands hailing from Mapua Institute of Technology include synthpop act Caffeine and Taurine, female-fronted math-rock band Run Dorothy, and math-rock band Shutter Life.

Lyceum of the Philippines University’s very own post-punk band Motto Stella and pop-punk band Oceandrive will also be on stage during the festival. Joining them are Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila’s acoustic soloist Janica De Castro and Pinoy rock band Oswald Sleeps Tonight.

Capping off the Intramuros lineup is shoegaze band A Series of Fractions, a band made up of yuppies from Intramuros. Pop-punk band Angelicus (Paranaque), Banna Harbera (DLSU/CSB), and The Geeks (Quezon City) round off the line-up for Intramuros Rising 3.

On top of all the bands, more hugot lines will be served by two spoken word poetry groups: Words Anonymous and White Wall Poetry. These amazing poets will have a separate stage all for themselves! Live mural painting will also be done by two guest mural artists: Mr. S and Weirdworld. The mural is to be used as a photo booth.


The venue for the third installment of Intramuros Rising was discovered by accident.

Lopez, just wanting to find some peace from the hustle and bustle of life, took a walk in Fort Santiago. Little did he know that he’d bump into the beauty that is Plaza Moriones.  The plaza, as Lopez narrates, is a beauty, with its grassy flooring, trees, and lanterns. It’s definitely a sight to behold at night.

There are also decent nearby comfort rooms inside the venue. The Manila Collectible, a souvenir store in Intramuros and ILVSTRADOS’ tent provider, recently moved to Fort Santiago. “Mounting and unmounting the tents will no longer be difficult for us. There’s also a holding area available. It’s as if the venue was perfectly designed for Intramuros Rising,” Lopez said.

ILVSTRADOS has taken efforts into exposing Intramuros bands outside the walls.

In fact, the first leg of the Road to Intramuros Rising 3 was held at the saGuijo last May 5. “We were able to fill the venue on a Tuesday night!” Lopez expresses enthusiastically, as this is the first time the team has brought the bands into the iconic venue.

ILVSTRADOS also had its second leg at the Maestranza Plaza, Intramuros last May 17. There are two more legs leading to the main event: Route 196 on June 12, and at Sev’s Cafe on July 4.

“It’s a good year for ILVSTRADOS. Nakakatuwa lang din na may mga students na nagsabi samin na dahil sa ILVSTRADOS, napadpad sila sa saGuijo,” Lopez said.


ILVSTRADOS is planning on a Homecoming theme, a reunion of select Intramuros I and II bands, to be held on December.

The effect of Intramuros Rising is starting to create waves in and out of the walls. “To be able to create a ripple in this big sea of communities and organizations that are dedicated to empower the local music industry, we are humbled,” Lopez shared.

Celebrate OPM Week by supporting music and the arts. Intramuros Rising is set to happen on July 25, 2015, Saturday, at Plaza Moriones, Fort Santiago. Show starts at 4PM. Tickets are on sale at an early bird rate of P150 each until July 20. Student-discounted tickets are also available for P100 until July 4 only. Regular ticket prices are at P250 starting July 21. You may contact Roy Salamat and/or Michael Bob Santos at 0915 103 6634 / 0917 329 9389 for tickets.

The uprising is presented by SMART BRO, ILVSTRADOS and LYRIC, with the Intramuros Administration and Viva Manila as major sponsors.