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Context and Intent

After the success of Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2016, a celebration of architecture and design held in what they referred to as “the walled city”- Intramuros, the WTA Architecture and Design Studio, for the second time, organized and launched successfully this year’s festival.

“The reason why we’re doing Anthology is we want to celebrate architecture. We feel that architecture must play a bigger role in the society. It must be a big part of a developing country like ours. It was contributed to nation-building.” – Ar. William Ti



The “Context and Intent” theme of the festival, on its first day at Puerta del Parian, was officially opened by a press conference with Ms. Diane Naval and Ar. William Ti at the festival stage. Tents and other booths, as well, opened with their merchandise, exhibits, workshop and activities along with the lectures and forum on the stages. On the walls, displayed are the competition pieces (furniture and scaled models) created by designers and students.

In the festival pavilion, the Anthology Talks stage, were the several foreign and local architects such as H. Koon Wee and Eunice Seng, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, Alex Furunes and Sudarshan Khadka, Eunice Seng, Jun Palafox, Luke Yeung, Stephen Pimbley, Michael Cu Fua, Patrich Bruce, Isabella Leone and Julien de Smedt, who imparted their ideas by their works inside and out of the country.

On the Interior Stage, some designers like Frenjick Quesada from Design H+Q, Jigs Adefuin, Jiyoon Park, Shanwei Weng, Norman Agleron shared their tips in designing an efficient interiors reflected by their various accomplishments in the field.




While in the Shelter Pavilion, the Shelter Dialogues, the set up differs through its forum type discussion. It featured different topics- A Global Architecture; Architecture, culture and Society; The practice of Architecture; Designing Architects: Evaluating Architecture Education; Architecture as a Multidisciplinary Practice; Building the Nation: Architecture in the Philippines- discussed by panelist from different industries such as Daniel Terrence Yu, Joey Yupanco, Victoria Goseco, Tobias Guggenheimer, Manny Minana, Jorge Yulo, Matthieu Begoghina, Buck Richnold Sia, Jason Ang, Conrad Efre, Robert Mirafuente, Angelo Ray Serrano, Stephanie Tan-Branquinho, Sudarshan Khadka,Rebecca Plaza, Chona Ponce, Vincent Ng, Lam Lai Shun, Alexander Furunes, Gabriel Limgenco, Andrea Dorotan, Danny Tan Ko, Denise de Castro, Choie Funk, Bela Lanyi, Bejamine Mendoza, William Ti Jr., Hans Sy Jr., Joel Luna, Patrick Bruce, and Cathy Saldaña.

There are also workshops for graphic designing, and the competitions from the Alveo Innovisions, Petopia and Nature’s Protection, and WTA Architecture + Design Studio where different schools and professionals participated.

The context and Intent book was also launched together with the awarding for the cat house design competition. The event’s closing ceremony was serenaded by a jazz band on a fellowship dinner where announcement of winners for the student and Alveo’s was conducted.

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival is more than just about the information gathering in architecture. Aside from its interactive and informative appeal, Anthology is about the raising up of the current and soon planners in changing the image of a nation through architecture as if it isn’t just someone’s profession, but a responsibility as citizen.