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Context and Intent

After the success of Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2016, a celebration of architecture and design held in what they referred to as “the walled city”- Intramuros, the WTA Architecture and Design Studio, for the second time, organized and launched successfully this year’s festival.

“The reason why we’re doing Anthology is we want to celebrate architecture. We feel that architecture must play a bigger role in the society. It must be a big part of a developing country like ours. It was contributed to nation-building.” – Ar. William Ti



The “Context and Intent” theme of the festival, on its first day at Puerta del Parian, was officially opened by a press conference with Ms. Diane Naval and Ar. William Ti at the festival stage. Tents and other booths, as well, opened with their merchandise, exhibits, workshop and activities along with the lectures and forum on the stages. On the walls, displayed are the competition pieces (furniture and scaled models) created by designers and students.

In the festival pavilion, the Anthology Talks stage, were the several foreign and local architects such as H. Koon Wee and Eunice Seng, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, Alex Furunes and Sudarshan Khadka, Eunice Seng, Jun Palafox, Luke Yeung, Stephen Pimbley, Michael Cu Fua, Patrich Bruce, Isabella Leone and Julien de Smedt, who imparted their ideas by their works inside and out of the country.

On the Interior Stage, some designers like Frenjick Quesada from Design H+Q, Jigs Adefuin, Jiyoon Park, Shanwei Weng, Norman Agleron shared their tips in designing an efficient interiors reflected by their various accomplishments in the field.




While in the Shelter Pavilion, the Shelter Dialogues, the set up differs through its forum type discussion. It featured different topics- A Global Architecture; Architecture, culture and Society; The practice of Architecture; Designing Architects: Evaluating Architecture Education; Architecture as a Multidisciplinary Practice; Building the Nation: Architecture in the Philippines- discussed by panelist from different industries such as Daniel Terrence Yu, Joey Yupanco, Victoria Goseco, Tobias Guggenheimer, Manny Minana, Jorge Yulo, Matthieu Begoghina, Buck Richnold Sia, Jason Ang, Conrad Efre, Robert Mirafuente, Angelo Ray Serrano, Stephanie Tan-Branquinho, Sudarshan Khadka,Rebecca Plaza, Chona Ponce, Vincent Ng, Lam Lai Shun, Alexander Furunes, Gabriel Limgenco, Andrea Dorotan, Danny Tan Ko, Denise de Castro, Choie Funk, Bela Lanyi, Bejamine Mendoza, William Ti Jr., Hans Sy Jr., Joel Luna, Patrick Bruce, and Cathy Saldaña.

There are also workshops for graphic designing, and the competitions from the Alveo Innovisions, Petopia and Nature’s Protection, and WTA Architecture + Design Studio where different schools and professionals participated.

The context and Intent book was also launched together with the awarding for the cat house design competition. The event’s closing ceremony was serenaded by a jazz band on a fellowship dinner where announcement of winners for the student and Alveo’s was conducted.

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival is more than just about the information gathering in architecture. Aside from its interactive and informative appeal, Anthology is about the raising up of the current and soon planners in changing the image of a nation through architecture as if it isn’t just someone’s profession, but a responsibility as citizen.






A revolution doesn’t happen overnight. It requires fervent dedication to the cause, and rigorous effort to ensure victory. Mapua Institute of Technology’s School of Multimedia and Visual Arts (SMVA) internalized that and they stood tall, with heads up high, to celebrate SMVA Week. It was a full week from the 21st of November, filled with various art shops and exhibits, to the 26th (last Saturday night) where they capped off their event with a bang.


Mapua SMVA’s SAVING THE DYING HOPE and their signature interstellar video playback/s.

Staged at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros, and with a line-up of almost 20 homegrown bands that each have at least a couple of their members hailing from the technology institute—not to mention that several among them were Intramuros Rising alumni—the SMVA Supreme Student Council (SMVA SSC) managed to set the SMVA Night apart from your usual school concert. From the get-go, the concert started off with the pop-rock sound of Indigo Sweep as they swept the incoming audience off their feet and invited them to dance to the groove while breathing in the atmosphere of Puerta Real.

Around the venue, various pieces of art and photographs made and taken by the SMVA students were hung from the low-lying tree trunks where they can be easily found by people strolling around. Contemporary art stickers were sold as well at one of the booths in the event. The stickers captured the modern times with statements such as “pagod na c acoe”, “WIP nang WIP, may natatapos ba?”, and v a p o r w a v e art among others. And there were some characters from computer games and anime and erotic images, too.


Stickers for sale on-site—from hilarious millennial jargons down to memes.


Tesseract Manila—whose owner is from SMVA—is one of the concessionaires during the event.

There were some light rains that night but it didn’t stop the audience from celebrating the event and having a good time. (It was a familiar feeling.) False Contender made sure of that and we were all jumping to their charged beats and rhythm. By the time people were calming down, The Geeks made us all feel the cool air and the rain with their calm, bedroom doo-wop music. By and large, the whole night was filled with energy and love for the arts and the homegrown talents like BennyBunnyBand, MilesExperience (that even got the crowd to come up the stage), and Saving The Dying Hope, and Shutter LIFE and a whole lot more. We then just knew this community will grow well in due time.

One of the highlights of the night halfway through the show was the brief but momentous modelling through the ramp of several SMVA representatives sharing their insights about what art is to them to community, followed by an encompassing message by the SMVA SSC President Dyanne Macatangay as if passing the torch to the people—to the future of the SMVA.


SMVA SSC President Dyann Macatangay (wearing black) finds time to strike a pose with her fellow SMVA colleagues.


The SMVA community high in spirits—at 3AM in the morning of the following day.

It was an auspicious night for Mapua to really untie artistic differences and unite and embrace one another that it will surely help them thrive not only as a community within the confines of the university, but also within the walls of the Walled City. We are grateful and honored to be of assistance and guidance to the SMVA SSC, and we are looking forward to see them reap the fruits of their efforts.

-Roy Salamat

Mapua SMVA takes a stand

Uniting people of different walks under one cause is something that is unfair to label as easy, but the members of the Mapua Institute of Technology’s School of Multimedia & Visual Arts Department Supreme Student Council (SMVA SSC) managed to do it—and to culminate this momentous occasion, they are set to stage an explosive finale of their college week at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros on November 26, 2016.

This is not your typical school concert; the SMVA Student Council decided to put a little twist and turn and a lot of homegrown talent in this year’s festivity that kicked off with a week-long string of various activities within Mapua that started last November 21 (and to end on the 26th) bearing the theme “IMVA: Untying Differences, United in Excellence.”

Veering away from the norm, the SMVA SSC draws the “invest on homegrown talents” card by fielding the musical line-up of the finale concert with both Mapuan acts and Intramuros Rising alumni, mainly to preserve the school pride spirit—and to acknowledge and respect the soul, identity, and music community in Intramuros that we have worked hard to serve and preserve since 2014.


For a student organization to go beyond the distance in the name of unity, this is definitely good in our books—and should be to yours, too. SMVA Night happens this November 26 2016, 3PM at the Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros, Manila. Regular tickets are priced at PHP 400; door charge tickets are priced at PHP 500. #SMVAWeek2016 #SMVANight2016 #ThisIsRevolution


In one way or another, this event is in line with our never-ending initiatives in the artistic and scholastic community in the city of Intramuros. We have faith in the 2016 SMVA SSC. These guys are under our watch (one city, one team—blood of our blood) so we made sure that they had all the assistance they need and advice that they can get from us. To be of service to this team has been an honor for ILVSTRADOS and we cannot wait to see this one bear fruits.

To inspire others from your deeds is what makes this life worth the while. While the announcement for the re-scheduled Intramuros Rising V: Open City is just around the corner, something excellent is coming your way. And we are proud to be one of its sponsors.

Creative Environment Intramuros - ff9999

Design Week Philippines April 2016


EX VIVO: From Beginning to End, by ILVSTRADOS, in partnership with Design Week Philippines organized by DTI-CITEM.

Design Week Philippines is a celebration of arts, design, history and culture aimed at fostering creativity and spurring innovations. 29 events, 14 venues, 24 partners. Celebrate Design Week Philippines with Creative Environment Intramuros. Log on to and register now!

You can also find Design Week Philippines on the following social media platforms: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Official Hashtag: #DWP2016




EX VIVO: From Beginning to End

Get ready to experience Intramuros in a whole new level!

Brace yourselves as we bring you to EX VIVO: From Beginning To End, a fusion of music and poetry, happening on April 16, 2016 at the Maestranza Plaza, Intramuros.

Artwork by Markuss Javier; lettering by Joseph Molina

Artwork by Markuss Javier; lettering by Joseph Molina

After the successful 2-day music and arts festival (Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March), we are not stopping! Continuing our goal in revitalizing the beautiful Walled City of Intramuros, we are here to give you an event that will showcase spoken word poetry, music, and visual arts in one stage.

From the 1st Intramuros Rising up to the 4th one, we remain consistent in showcasing spoken word poetry in the community. This time, giving more highlight to the art of spoken word poetry, and as our presentation for the Design Week Philippines, we give you an event that tells about the phases of life through spoken word poetry story-telling, backed-up by music from our homegrown bands.

See the beauty of life unfold through the words of one of the finest poetry groups right now, White Wall Poetry, and the newly-formed all-female poetry group, Lakambini. Accompanied by the music of our homegrown artists, math-rock band Shutter LIFE, synthpop act Caffeine and Taurine, island-reggae band Mellow Submarine, hardcore band Saving The Dying Hope, and math-rock soloist, Endless Noise, and visual support from Emmanuel Awa from Asia Pacific College.

The show will also have its pre-event and post-event shows featuring an open-mic spoken word poetry (for attendees only), performances from all-Intramuros-based band, KISSLING!, alternative rock group Oswald Sleeps Tonight, and more.

Now that you’ve given Intramuros a chance, it’s time that we sustain it. Come to Intramuros. Experience Intramuros! #EXVIVO

EX VIVO: From Beginning To End, a fusion of music and poetry, is set to happen on April 16, 2016 at the Maestranza Plaza, Intramuros. Gates open at 4PM and main show begins at 6PM. Tickets are for P250. Tickets are now available for reservation until APRIL 15, 2016 only. Reserve yours here:

EX VIVO: From Beginning to End is an ILVSTRADOS presentation for Design Week Philippines, powered by the Intramuros Administration.

  • Ankrizel Santos

Dukhang Marilag: Inequitable Judgment of Mankind

The fourth year graduating students of Lyceum of the Philippines University – Manila, taking up Bachelor of Arts in Multimedia Arts invites everyone to visit their class exhibit entitled – Dukhang Marilag: Ineuqitable Judgement of Mankind at Maestrana Plaza, Intramuros, Manila on March 4-7, 2016.


Translated from the words ‘poor’ and ‘beautiful’, the combined classes of A-406C and A-406D decided to dig deep within the words and focus on the abundance and deficiency of people in different aspects of life, and how the unjust judgment of mankind based on their fortune became an inevitable norm of society we must surpass, through surreal artworks, masterpieces, and techniques instilled upon them.

The exhibitors will give you their own interpretation and perception of a world they abhor and a realm they desire through the use of graphic design, digital illustrations, traditional artworks, photography, video production, game development, and animation by stepping out of their comfort zones to showcase their skills and talents.

Dukhang Marilag aims to unveil the artist’s creative presentation of their thoughts and emotions on the subject matter through their own work of art, and to serve as an-eye opener to the public by letting people grasp the theme and delve deeper into its meaning. The 56 talented exhibitors will immerse their audience that witnessing without evaluating is the highest form of intelligence.

Opening night will be on March 4, 2016, 6PM and is strictly by invites only. Public viewing will start on March 5-7, 2016. Watch performances by Caffeine and Taurine, Kissling, and more bands from the local independent scene as they welcome and entertain both exhibitors and guests. There will also be an inspirational talk by Kay Aranzanso, Patrick Cabral, Klayton Ramos and spoken poetry by student volunteers from San Beda College – Alabang on March 5, 2016 and admission is free. All you have to do is come.

They will be revealing surprises from time to time so make sure to check back on their accounts. To know more about Dukhang Marilag: Inequitable Judgment of Mankind art exhibit, like their Facebook page, follow them on Twitter and Instagram at @DukhangMarilag or you can send them an e-mail at


DUNGEON DATE – A year-end special

Yes, we know. We promised to have Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming this December, but unfortunately, it’s not gonna happen. We decided to move it on February 2016 instead, just in time for the National Arts Month. And summer!

Of course, we do not want to end the year with just Intramuros Rising 3: OPM Weekend under our belt. Thus, in continuous partnership with the Intramuros Administration, we give you DUNGEON DATE: A Game of Thrones-themed (yes!!!) mini-concert happening this December 12, 2015 at the Maestranza Plaza, Intramuros.


After our successful collaboration with Maynila Urban Design last May, we decided to explore more of Maestranza Plaza’s potential as a concert venue. While the plaza itself was used for so many occasions (Fete dela Musique, Muziklaban, etc.), the dungeons around the area are very much available to experiment on. (Remember Ian Penn’s Within The Walls episode?)

We would like to take our chances.



THE LINE-UP AND THEME (One needs to be a GOT follower to get the references)

Inside the walls of Castle Intramuros resides the major house, HOUSE ILVSTRADOS (words: “Fortified.”; other words: “Distinguished and ever loyal city.”).  Under its helm are great houses namely, Caffeine and TaurineShutter LIFE (who made their ILVSTRADOS debut last Intramuros Rising 3), Sky Garden (back after a long break), and newly founded houses, Endless Noise and Wasted Wendy.

Visiting Castle Intramuros on the same night are major houses from beyond the wall namely, OH, FLAMINGO! and FOOLS AND FOES. To lead Castle Intramuros’ welcoming bannermen is BENNYBUNNYBAND (just in time for the anniversary of their Intramuros Rising 2 debut) who will be playing a long set together with the other two visiting houses.

Friends from White Wall Poetry will be performing alongside select student-poets from the recently held Students Night Out. They are tasked to collaborate and create a piece that revolves around the stories during the medieval era i.e. betrothed love that can never be contested, damsels in distress, the use of black magic, the absence of logic, etc.


For one night, Intramuros will turn into its own Westeros. The Kingslanding of the National Capital Region. Admittedly, the theme is really eyebrow-raising, but rest assured the performers will come in the plaza wearing their medieval dresses–since the feel and look of the venue demanded for it!

But of course everyone is welcome to attend the feast, GoT or non-GoT fan. It’s still an ILVSTRADOS event, we’re just playing around with the things we have inside the walls. Let’s end the year strong! 🙂


Part of the event’s proceeds will go directly to the funding of INTRAMUROS RISING 4: THE HOMECOMING. Limited tickets are sold for only 200php at Sev’s Cafe. Contact 239 2327 to book yours and arrange for a pick-up. Students get to have 50% discount for the whole month of November. Walk-ins wearing costumes (or at least carrying banners [signages] that declare support to a house [band]) will get a 50% discount right at the gates. Call/text +63 915 103 6634 or +63 917 524 4673 for more inquiries.

Lower the bridge.
Raise the gates.
See you at the dungeons!

Come to Intramuros.
Give Intramuros a chance!

This event is in partnership with the Intramuros AdministrationLYRIC, Viva Manila, and Sev’s Cafe; with, Vandals on the Walland Radio Republic as media partners.


WITHIN THE WALLS | Caffeine and Taurine

The boys from the Mapua Institute of Technology, CAFFEINE AND TAURINE, performed stripped-down versions of their songs at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros.

Caffeine and Taurine ENDS debut EP now up for streaming here:



The Walled City’s very own guiding stars, loud-and-proud homegrown band, MOTTO STELLA, performing stripped down versions of their songs within the walls of Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros.

Their live demo EP, MOTTOFUCKINGSTELLA, is part of VANDALS ON THE WALL‘s 10 Essential Filipino EPs of 2015 (so far)Live demo EP comes with every purchase of the #WDYTYA shirt made by Artsy Kit.