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ICYMI: Quid Pro Quo’s Shut Up and Play is where you zip it, sway it, stomp it, and bang it

All photos are posted with approval and are property of JLE Music. Click here for the full album.

Quid Pro Quo, a budding community dedicated to the exchange of art for art, keeps growing as they’ve curated a gig to cater to the art of post-rock and math rock music. Shut Up and Play happened last Saturday (July 15) at Mow’s and it was astounding.


With that in mind, you can say the ‘quids’ at Quid Pro Quo have taste.

Last Saturday’s gig was essentially a post-rock night that is comprised of performances by a total of 7 instrumental post-rock/math rock acts from within and outside Metro Manila. And among other things, Mow’s Bar in the tranquil Matalino Street makes for the perfect venue for a gig such as Shut Up and Play. Imagine walking down that street accompanied by the instrumental post-rock music of Hide Nothing and tide/edit, for instance. With that in mind, you can say the ‘quids’ at Quid Pro Quo have taste.


hide nothing

The show got on the road some 15 minutes later than the intended 9PM, but it’s no big deal. It was the weekend. People were just coming in around that time, too. Moreover, Hide Nothing, the night’s buena mano hailing from Tanay, Rizal were just about to finish setting up in that prelude as well, and then proceeding to their set eventually. They were followed by shaw from Quezon City, and then by Tom’s Story, whom need no introduction.

tide/edit followed right after with an awesome set and some playful repartee. Comic, Quid Pro Quo’s homegrown act, played next as soon as tide/edit were finished with their set. Comic are comical performers; they’d sometimes throw in a joke or two, and your either sides or your jaws will hurt from laughing. Lol. For this particular gig, they just threw the concept of ”shut up and play” out the door because they have one track entitled Box Office that has a bit of vocals, but you will forgive them for it because it’s mad good.

Sound Architects, as their profile suggests, followed through with intense dynamic contrasts and heavily layered textures of sound rooted in their affinity for doom and drone metal, ambient music, and their studies of contemporary classical music. And it’s true. Ultimately, the night was capped off, blown way, and sent home satisfied by Terno Recordings’ AOUI.




To wrap this up nicely with a ribbon on top, Quid Pro Quo successfully pulled off a full-on post-rock night with Shut Up and Play. You don’t come across these kinds of gigs too often, but with the cool quids at QPQ—and if you continue to support them and their artists—it might just become something more than a spin-off type of gig in the long run.


The Flight of the Poet — an attempt to send a poet to Singapore


Spoken word poetry has been happening in the Philippines for a very long time, but it wasn’t until recently that it became so huge that everyone from all ages got infected by it.

In 2013, the now-defunct Sev’s Café opened its doors to slam poetry and spoken word open mics having only four regulars coming in to compete with each other. Among those four people was Slac Cayamanda—one of the founders of Speak Philippines, then of Words Anonymous, and now White Wall Poetry.

Fast forward to May and June 2016, Slac—being labeled as The Mayor of Spoken Word Poetry for helping a lot of people find their footing on stage and bring out the best in their writing and performance—found himself in Malaysia, working as a volunteer in the Pink Triangle Foundation. He was sent there to take part in the ILEAF Program of ISEAN-HIVOS—doing volunteer work for the foundation by helping them in providing care and protection for transgender women and people living with HIV.

One of his goals also was to find a place where he could perform his spoken word pieces, and he happened to have found that there is a huge following on spoken word in Malaysia. He wanted to build a network and so he did.

On June 25, things have taken a very interesting turn. He got the attention of one of the organizers of the Singapore slam poetry contests and poetry festival, Stephanie “Dogfoot” Chan. Stephanie told him that they read one of his pieces before—the one he sent in via email and they have really been eyeing him from the beginning. He got invited to perform for the upcoming Contradiction XII Poetry Festival, it is one of the longest running poetry festival in Asia.  After a few email exchanges and discussing the event, they also told him that they will be doing another event and they want Slac to be one of the two performers.

Now here is the perfect opportunity to share Filipino Spoken Word with the rest of the world, and to open doors for future collaborations between Singapore and Philippines.

So here we are right now, doing a crowd sourcing event to make sure that the Philippines is fully recognized in the world’s vast spoken word scene. Making sure that we make an impact and that we will be remembered. Join us on August 20, 9pm at Saguijo, Makati. Let’s all be there and send this one helluva spoken word packin’—and represent our Motherland for this magical art form that we all learned to love.

See you there!

PS. For the first time ever: INDIE MANILA and ILVSTRADOS will be collaborating for a show—and for a good cause. This is going to be exciting!

Wasted Wendy opening Dungeon Date.



During our stint at the now-defunct Sev’s Cafe, we used to stage a show that is entirely dedicated to all the students. We named it Students Night Out (SNO). It ran for 3 successful editions and, as of this writing, we are now on the works of continuing it once a month, at a new bar.

Through SNO, we were able to discover new bands and new artists that are really worth checking out. One of those bands is Wasted Wendy–a four-piece punk/grunge-rock from mixed origins. Their debut performance at SNO was extremely wild, which made the crowd to ask for more, which eventually, led for the band to play a cover of Nirvana’s ‘Smells Like Teen Spirit‘.

In the months that followed, they debuted in an ILVSTRADOS-initiated gig in Intramuros called Dungeon Date. They opened the night, and, man, they set the bar of the show through their music. Sev’s Cafe was essential to Wasted Wendy’s emergence to the independent music community, in fact they were one of the many bands that were able to bid farewell to the cafe when it closed its doors last December of 2015.


Wasted Wendy during the final show of Sev’s Cafe last December 2015.



Recently, the band leaked 3 recorded tracks of theirs, apparently of the following reasons: 1.) They need a material to be out online, and 2.) they need something to release for promotional use for our Intramuros Rising V: Open City campaign. (Fucking hilarious.)

QUICK REVIEW: It’s a pretty good record. Makes you feel as if you’re in the 90s Seattle music scene. The production is perfectly raw and fit (good enough) for the music they are trying to create. Jeun, you motherfucker.

Days after the leak, I had a sit-down with the band’s bassist, EJ Edrian James Salvador, for a more insightful and detailed story about each tracks, and basically, to get to know the band more.

Stream this beauty right now:



Just like any other band, Wasted Wendy has a colorful history, but I guess only few like them has an unlikely cute origin that is opposite to the attitude of their music. EJ revealed that Keith Andulan (drummer), who was studying at Mapua then, was a skate(board)-buddy before they became bandmates. JM Hanopol (lead guitarist) was a friend of a friend, while Jeun Villanueva (frontman, vocals and guitars) was a long-time friend and bandmate of Keith since–read this–GRADE SCHOOL. The band eventually broke up, but the two (Keith and Jeun) decided to continue, hence they invited EJ and JM on-board, forming the band we call now, Wasted Wendy.



According to EJ, the band has equal contributions when it comes to songwriting. However, he stressed out that between the four of them, Keith jumps on-board and contributes a lot when it comes to arranging the songs they have written. “Sobrang dami na naming nagawa, ‘yung iba ‘di na namin tinuloy kasi nagkatamaran,” says EJ when asked how many songs the band was able to write since the beginning, “pero ang maganda dun, lahat talaga ng mga nasusulat namin, sobrang consistent sa tunog namin. Kumbaga pasok siya sa Wasted Wendy. Tinamad lang talaga kaming tapusin sila,” he added as if stressing that they’re too lazy to write on the first sentence was not yet enough.



Out of nowhere–and I swear it was really awkward for us to do this–I asked EJ why they said YES to Intramuros Rising, he answered quickly with a “sino ba naman hindi o-OO sa Intramuros Rising?” to which both of us couldn’t take the cheesiness of it, we had to stop.

“Solid ang Intramuros Rising. Solid ang IR crowd. Mostly kasi ng mga naka-line-up, hindi mo kilala e. So parang ‘pag nandun ka, kadisco-discover ka,” he lovingly added.

Fun fact: EJ and Keith are solid IR followers, he even shared with me that during the first one, he sold tickets on behalf of the PLM Indie Music Community.



Somebody really has to say it/ask about it: “Are you guys okay/comfortable being associated with Nirvana?” Much as I don’t want to continue this question, it needs to be addressed, especially when a lot of bands are not comfortable in being compared to their musical influences/idols.

Luckily, for Wasted Wendy, they are okay with it.

“Okay lang, idol namin sila e. Halo-halo influences namin, from classics to pop-punk. Nirvana ang naging common denominator namin—at dun kami nagkasundo at nakasulat ng maraming kanta.” He doesn’t deny the mere fact that Jeun’s voice is Cobain-esque and that Smells Like Teen Spirit was their favorite jam piece. However, he stressed out that their chord progressions are way too different from the legendary grunge band and they are not entirely copying them, and again, they are really comfortable being associated with these gods.

Big words of admission at this day and age. Musicians, in my opinion, shall not be robbed of their freedom to interpret what they’re listening to.

Wasted Wendy opening Dungeon Date.

Wasted Wendy opening Dungeon Date.



Wasted Wendy has officially come out of the independent music community. They may have a long way to go, but at the rate that they are going now, plus the quality of their leaked tracks, they are off to a good start, and the signs—if kept consistent—should give them an idea where they will be going.

The 3-tracks leakage maybe intended or not, but one thing is for sure, Wasted Wendy just made an announcement, and from here, it’s a bit bold, loud, aggressive. . . and strong move.

If this is the beginning of a new music cycle, it’s a good thing Wasted Wendy is in it.