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Wallowing — Soil & Green prepares to ‘let go’ with debut LP


NO, THE BAND’S NOT BREAKING UP. Although sometimes in our lives, there comes a moment where we just find ourselves in the dark. And we might not even try to get out of there because it’s such a drag to deal with things. But we got to let go of all the things that are swelling up inside. We must keep moving forward, even if it means crawling out or pulling ourselves out of our dark days.

We knew Soil & Green from way back in 2014 as we were gearing up for the first-ever Intramuros Rising. The band hails from the Mapua Institute of Technology—now Mapua University—and to best describe their sound per our boys is “a mix of heavy riff-oriented guitar licks, ambient guitar layering, ear-gasmic basslines, odd ‘singing’ drum patterns, and powerful vocals.” Surely enough, if you’ve managed to catch them in any of their gigs in the past, their description rings loud and true. In addition, they say dynamic arrangement is key to their individuality and chemistry; with those elements altogether forged their identity as a band. Nonetheless, over time, the sun rises and sets.

From left to right, Soil & Green during Intramuros Rising 1 last August 2, 2014: Marvin Montero (bass), Jacob Oliva (guitars & vocals), and Lehmann Flores (guitars)

From left to right, Soil & Green during Intramuros Rising 1 last August 2, 2014: Marvin Montero (bass), Jacob Oliva (guitars & vocals), and Lehmann Flores (guitars)


To give an idea as to what the album’s all about, we’ve managed to catch up with Soil & Green frontman Jacob Oliva and guitarist Lehmann Flores.

Could you tell us something about the whole album? What can we expect?

Jacob: ‘Wallowing’ defines Soil & Green as it is right now. All the songs from the previous release back in 2010 are included in this album, which says a lot about the genre of its track list. Why ‘Wallowing?’ As the definition of that word suggests, the theme of the whole album—from lyrics to music and arrangement—points to this: sadness without solution. If the album is the biography of a person, that person seems to enjoy the sadness he’s in, thus, wallowing in depression.

Lehmann: Almost 2 years in the making, tapos mostly experiences ni Jacob sa pag-ibig in general, pero nilaro yung words to make it [seem] na ibang bagay yung tinutukoy.

wallowing _album

The band is set to release their debut album on JUNE 10 at the saGuijo Bar + Café in Makati City, together with Talata, Saydie, Maryzark, False Apart, Kodigo, and their Indio Cartel brodies, Wasted Wendy. 200PHP gets you in with 1 FREE drink; 450PHP gets you in with all the goodies. (1 copy of ‘Wallowing’ + stickers + 1 FREE drink)


Context and Intent

After the success of Anthology Architecture and Design Festival 2016, a celebration of architecture and design held in what they referred to as “the walled city”- Intramuros, the WTA Architecture and Design Studio, for the second time, organized and launched successfully this year’s festival.

“The reason why we’re doing Anthology is we want to celebrate architecture. We feel that architecture must play a bigger role in the society. It must be a big part of a developing country like ours. It was contributed to nation-building.” – Ar. William Ti



The “Context and Intent” theme of the festival, on its first day at Puerta del Parian, was officially opened by a press conference with Ms. Diane Naval and Ar. William Ti at the festival stage. Tents and other booths, as well, opened with their merchandise, exhibits, workshop and activities along with the lectures and forum on the stages. On the walls, displayed are the competition pieces (furniture and scaled models) created by designers and students.

In the festival pavilion, the Anthology Talks stage, were the several foreign and local architects such as H. Koon Wee and Eunice Seng, Budji Layug and Royal Pineda, Alex Furunes and Sudarshan Khadka, Eunice Seng, Jun Palafox, Luke Yeung, Stephen Pimbley, Michael Cu Fua, Patrich Bruce, Isabella Leone and Julien de Smedt, who imparted their ideas by their works inside and out of the country.

On the Interior Stage, some designers like Frenjick Quesada from Design H+Q, Jigs Adefuin, Jiyoon Park, Shanwei Weng, Norman Agleron shared their tips in designing an efficient interiors reflected by their various accomplishments in the field.




While in the Shelter Pavilion, the Shelter Dialogues, the set up differs through its forum type discussion. It featured different topics- A Global Architecture; Architecture, culture and Society; The practice of Architecture; Designing Architects: Evaluating Architecture Education; Architecture as a Multidisciplinary Practice; Building the Nation: Architecture in the Philippines- discussed by panelist from different industries such as Daniel Terrence Yu, Joey Yupanco, Victoria Goseco, Tobias Guggenheimer, Manny Minana, Jorge Yulo, Matthieu Begoghina, Buck Richnold Sia, Jason Ang, Conrad Efre, Robert Mirafuente, Angelo Ray Serrano, Stephanie Tan-Branquinho, Sudarshan Khadka,Rebecca Plaza, Chona Ponce, Vincent Ng, Lam Lai Shun, Alexander Furunes, Gabriel Limgenco, Andrea Dorotan, Danny Tan Ko, Denise de Castro, Choie Funk, Bela Lanyi, Bejamine Mendoza, William Ti Jr., Hans Sy Jr., Joel Luna, Patrick Bruce, and Cathy Saldaña.

There are also workshops for graphic designing, and the competitions from the Alveo Innovisions, Petopia and Nature’s Protection, and WTA Architecture + Design Studio where different schools and professionals participated.

The context and Intent book was also launched together with the awarding for the cat house design competition. The event’s closing ceremony was serenaded by a jazz band on a fellowship dinner where announcement of winners for the student and Alveo’s was conducted.

Anthology Architecture and Design Festival is more than just about the information gathering in architecture. Aside from its interactive and informative appeal, Anthology is about the raising up of the current and soon planners in changing the image of a nation through architecture as if it isn’t just someone’s profession, but a responsibility as citizen.





Track Review: Caffeine and Taurine wants us to ‘Keep Dancing’


Caffeine and Taurine is back after an indefinite hiatus! And from the looks of it, they are here to stay. Now, pay close attention to this caffeine-and-taurine-brought-to-you-by-Red-Bull-infused writing as we have much to look back on with the trio from the Mapúa Institute of Technology (MIT)—chief among them was the band’s erstwhile stint in Intramuros Rising 3: OPM Weekend back in 2015.

Back then, what we saw were budding electronic synth-pop youths composed of Brandon Garcia on bass and vocals, Daniel Ching on synth programming, guitar, and vocals, and Nathaniel Pelareja on drums whom were out playing live at a bar in Quezon City and with a triple-track EP to match. Because of their fresh and distinctive sound that could go with the likes of CHVRCHES and The 1975, and in keeping with the tradition of Intramuros Rising to stage and revel homegrown acts, we immediately decided to put them on the bill. While Caffeine and Taurine had much to improve on their live performances and camaraderie back then, we saw them grow rapidly on the road to Intramuros Rising 3.

A couple of years went by, and they now have two new members: Joshuel Bautista on the keyboard, and Anthony Abitona on bass. Garcia now focuses on synth programming and vocals, while Ching now focuses on guitar and vocals.

“It’s our way of saying that we’ll keep going; we had an indefinite hiatus and almost did not come back.”

Moving on to their new track, “Keep Dancing,” the beat goes on and so is the dance, per the band’s description of the song. Clearly, “Keep Dancing” is a far cry from their previous material prior to the hiatus. It’s almost ambitious to say that this Caffeine and Taurine is a different monster, and one to look out for.

“Another day to crawl out your bed. Is it worth to think that you should try again?” Garcia’s vocals in this track is, in a way, reminiscent of Daft Punk’s “Doin’ It Right,” topped with synth-pop elements from the band’s musical influences. Asked about what inspired the song, Garcia only had this to say, “It’s our way of saying that we’ll keep going; we had an indefinite hiatus and almost did not come back.”

Honest and straightforward; a winning combo.

3 = Emotion (3/3)

2.5 = Storytelling/Lyrics (2.5/4)

3 = Music (3/3)


8.5 / 10

2016: An ordeal we all *had* to face, and now we say goodbye to.

[Author’s disclaimer: I tried my best to keep this article as well-balanced as possible, but as far as 2016 is concerned, you probably know very well how much of a shit show this year has been.]

Time is as relentless as a storm which brings about a grueling test of our character; it sees how we struggle to stick to our guns, keep our identities, and stay on the right track of whatever purpose we hold ourselves up to. And yet, it’s also as elusive as a memory of who we once were if we’re not careful who we change into. This year—the jumping-onto-a-moving-train of a year that is 2016—proved itself to be the squall we faced head on despite the risks most people would be wary of.

Nevertheless, we knew we would take our chances with the risks anyway for the sake of being persistent with our massive efforts to bring up our homegrown artists, and revitalize Intramuros through a culture that celebrates local independent music and the arts—Intramuros Rising (or simply, I.R.). And for the past 2 years since our inception, we have been humbled by the warmth that the IR community have constantly given us in every successful event we’ve put up. We simply can’t thank them all enough for the love and energy they share with us.


Treading down memory lane for this year-end report, the biggest IR we had for this year was Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March, a 2-day music festival we pulled off back in March 18 and 19 at the Puerta Real Gardens with acts mostly from the first two seasons of IR mixed with a couple of new ones from beyond the walls. With a total of 24 acts of diverse genres that really had people dancing and moshing and swaying to the suave groove of each of the bands’ music, and 4 spoken word poetry groups that truly pulled heartstrings and gave all of us the legitimate feels of pride, rage, longing, and the sucking feeling of unrequited love among other things for two straight fuckin’ days—we didn’t know how we could have pulled it off without screwing up and making a huge mess. (Not to mention our expenses that made it all happen.)


Of course, there were minor gaffes during the event, like having some of the artists too drunk to perform their pieces properly, and having the schedules adjusted because some of the artists came in late due to unforeseen circumstances and all, but nothing that couldn’t have been remedied.

In the end, most of the people had a blast, some got too drunk and dozed off on the grass by the end of the show, and that ultimately, Intramuros Rising 4 was one hell of a homegrown music festival. During egress, as we all sat down in Puerta Real, it felt like we were in a sort of a trance that we kept asking each other, “Tangina, nagawa natin ‘to ng 2 days?” It was as if it was all brought down and laid out naturally—and even hours in the afternoon before we got the show on the road, somehow, we weren’t all that stressed out. It was surreal.


A month later in April, the Department of Trade and Industry – Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (DTI – CITEM) organized the first-ever Creative Environment Intramuros as part of Design Week Philippines. Essentially, it was “a celebration of the rich cultural and creative scene that lived within the walls of Intramuros.” As we are in partnership with the Intramuros Administration, we were tapped for a presentation in solidarity with the celebration. Thus, Ex Vivo: From Beginning to End came into play.


The core idea behind Ex Vivo was to present the five phases of life—starting from birth, childhood, adolescence, adulthood, and finally, death—which were told by select poets from White Wall Poetry and Lakambini. And to make things more interesting, we had the poets team up with the musical performances of our homegrown acts such as Shutter LIFE, Caffeine and Taurine, Mellow Submarine, SAVING THE DYING HOPE, and Endless Noise. And along the lines of those phases in life, we have seen people come and go.

For the next month and a half, we finally huddled up as we conceptualized what and how the fifth installment of Intramuros Rising will be. Keeping in mind the fact that we are a group laid bare and stripped to the core, within ourselves, it’s like trying to rise up from the ashes after being burned and torn down to the ground. We’ve lost people we thought we knew so well. So, we thought of the idea of an “open city” as our theme. Because historically, during those dark times when we were in a state of war, Manila was declared as an open city—a city unarmed and defenseless with no intentions to be hostile.

With the five of us remaining as the core group coming together, came the thought of adapting the concept of the super robot from the 70s we all knew and loved, Voltes V. (As well as using the “V” as the numerical symbol for five because we’re vintage like that.) As for the preparations, everything fell right into place afterwards much like the super robot’s volt-in sequence.


However, due to the tremendously unfortunate event of five people dying at a summer rave party in Pasay caused by some multiple mixes of party drugs, alcohol, and possibly, dehydration a few months prior to Intramuros Rising V (IR – V), and the brewing storm as the event day came closer, we were forced to cancel IR – V which felt like we were being sucked in a black hole while wondering what we missed and where we could have gone wrong. It’s as if the universe decided to be a total cunt in those series of events.

Silver lining, we found vindication with our subsequent partnership with the Organisasyon ng mga Pilipinong Mang-aawit (or simply, OPM) since they reached out to us for help with the celebration of Linggo ng Musikang Pilipino (LMP) in the last week of July… which actually happened in the second week of September. It was a prolonged and arduous two months with a series of shows in several parts of the Metro.



(During which we even managed to send one of our resident poets, Slac Cayamanda of White Wall Poetry, to Singapore for a string of spoken word performances. #PHrepresent!)


The moral of the story: if you’re a legit organization with sufficient resources AND have plans of staging a massive indie music festival, priority number 1.) always be sure that you have your venue secured; 2.) be damn sure you can brave storms, and most importantly; 3.) have faith in your founded community.

Several weeks after, we took a short break, only to learn later on that the Teatrino management in Greenhills-Promenade loved our previous stint at their venue during one of the shows for LMP, and that they offered a partnership with us for another show. So, Beyond The Walls happened—a two-part presentation that allowed us to raise funds for the making of Ian Penn’s full-length album AND debut his performance with a full band, and really brave the uncharted before we finally head back home to Intramuros.


A couple of months passed after that, and for us, it was like trying to reassess everything that transpired and get a hold of our individual bearings; it also felt like a really long time without a gig organized to go to. Jeremy bid his time working on new material with his band and leisurely reading books, while Ankrizel and I managed to land our first jobs half a year after our graduation; as if we went and dealt with things that are involved with normalcy.

So, to cap this off and tie it with a red ribbon, this year ultimately put us all in quite an ordeal. It was the best and the worst time of our lives in this scene and we’re still here, feet planted firmly into the ground. We’ve had our time to lick our wounds, and frankly, we’re ready to rise up again in 2017. All we hope for is to see you guys be there with us.


–Roy Salamat

¿Que pasa, Indio?

For the year 2017, we aim to expand our agenda.

Intramuros Rising has been the phase one of ILVSTRADOS’ campaign to Intramuros for an alternate offering of what to see, hear, and experience in the heart of Manila. Undoubtedly, the first music and arts festival in the Walled City has opened a lot of gates to the grass roots community of Intramuros. Phase one shouldn’t stop us in our struggle for a better recognition and acknowledgment to our artists. Yes, Intramuros is now the sought after music and arts venue; you finally got the chance to know our city more, now here is a chance for you to get to know our homegrown artists better.

The second phase of the ILVSTRADOS initiative is INDIO CARTEL. We’ve provided a home for you (Intramuros Rising); allow us to extend our services by helping you build or strengthen your promising foundation. To simply put it: INDIO CARTEL will serve as Intramuros Rising alum’s management and publicist group. (They may or may not need it; we want to do something MORE—a life after Intramuros Rising.)

INDIO CARTEL will be ILVSTRADOS’ outside Intramuros arm in the music scene. It will be a separate entity from the latter in order for the former to freely operate beyond the walls and to avoid confusion of which is which. On January 5, 2016, we will be launching the clique, together with the pioneer signings, SOIL & GREEN, WASTED WENDY, ENDLESS NOISE, SAVING THE DYING HOPE, SHUTTER LIFE, and YOUNG BEAR (Brandon Garcia of Caffeine Taurine).


This shall mark a new journey for ILVSTRADOS; a beginning of an interesting year. We’ve done our part for the city, this time we’ll do something MORE for the artists.

This should be amazing.

Mapua SMVA takes a stand

Uniting people of different walks under one cause is something that is unfair to label as easy, but the members of the Mapua Institute of Technology’s School of Multimedia & Visual Arts Department Supreme Student Council (SMVA SSC) managed to do it—and to culminate this momentous occasion, they are set to stage an explosive finale of their college week at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros on November 26, 2016.

This is not your typical school concert; the SMVA Student Council decided to put a little twist and turn and a lot of homegrown talent in this year’s festivity that kicked off with a week-long string of various activities within Mapua that started last November 21 (and to end on the 26th) bearing the theme “IMVA: Untying Differences, United in Excellence.”

Veering away from the norm, the SMVA SSC draws the “invest on homegrown talents” card by fielding the musical line-up of the finale concert with both Mapuan acts and Intramuros Rising alumni, mainly to preserve the school pride spirit—and to acknowledge and respect the soul, identity, and music community in Intramuros that we have worked hard to serve and preserve since 2014.


For a student organization to go beyond the distance in the name of unity, this is definitely good in our books—and should be to yours, too. SMVA Night happens this November 26 2016, 3PM at the Puerta Real Gardens in Intramuros, Manila. Regular tickets are priced at PHP 400; door charge tickets are priced at PHP 500. #SMVAWeek2016 #SMVANight2016 #ThisIsRevolution


In one way or another, this event is in line with our never-ending initiatives in the artistic and scholastic community in the city of Intramuros. We have faith in the 2016 SMVA SSC. These guys are under our watch (one city, one team—blood of our blood) so we made sure that they had all the assistance they need and advice that they can get from us. To be of service to this team has been an honor for ILVSTRADOS and we cannot wait to see this one bear fruits.

To inspire others from your deeds is what makes this life worth the while. While the announcement for the re-scheduled Intramuros Rising V: Open City is just around the corner, something excellent is coming your way. And we are proud to be one of its sponsors.

IRV Website

5 things to watch out for in #IntramurosRisingV

There are two types of Intramuros Rising attendees: the one looks forward to the line-up, while the other is in it for the experience. Intramuros Rising V: Open City promises to meet the expectations of both types of attendees.

However, in this special article, we want to emphasize the things that we are lucky enough to showcase in this edition!

Let’s begin…


Moonwlk, Paranoid City, and Cebu/Cagayan De Oro City-based duo, Kaapin will be serving us enough dosage of electronic music. We suggest you check ’em out ahead of #IntramurosRisingV through the links we’ve attached to their names! 😉

The full live band of Moonwlk will be in #IntramurosRisingV!

The full live band of Moonwlk will be in #IntramurosRisingV!

Kaapin is flying all the way from Cebu and Cagayan De Oro City!

Kaapin is flying all the way from Cebu and Cagayan De Oro City!

Paranoid City is out to make you say, "here we are, here we go!"

Paranoid City is out to make you say, “here we are, here we go!”

ENDLESS NOISE, hometown represent!

Solo post-rock act, ENDLESS NOISE, manned by Marvin Chua, is finally getting the Intramuros Rising spotlight he most deserve. He played for ILVSTRADOS on numerous events (IR-3, Dungeon Date, Students Night Out, Ex Vivo); time to complete his quest, and time for you, attendees, to be amazed by his performance. He may be solo, but, man, he will blow you away!

Tanghalang Batingaw + Miguel Petines

The alumni association of Lyceum of the Philippines University-based theater group, Tanghalang Batingaw, will be performing an excerpt of their acclaimed play about HIV/AIDS entitled, “Kiriring Aida’t Macaraig”.

Green Archer Miguel Petines, a dude we discovered during one open-mic night at the now-defunct Sev’s Cafe, will be providing 20 minutes of pure comedy!

Dragonfly Collector + Ang Bandang Shirley — all aboard the overflowing #feels train!

Sure, the line-up for this one is beautifully diverse (as always) and at par with the standards of IR and its community, but what made us stress out on the headliners is the fact that these two are arguably the go-to guys, the pioneers legends of their own craft in the indie scene.

It’s not every IR that we get to fill it with acts that are too fit for the rainy mood!

Dragonfly Collector by Clem Castro (Orange and Lemons, The Camerawalls) is the real thing if we talk about indie pop and indie folk. After so many years of non-stop musical journey post-Orange and Lemons and The Camerawalls, Dragonfly Collector is proof that nothing can ever stop the musical genius of the Clem Castro.

Co-headlining the festival is Ang Bandang Shirley. These guys have been around the scene for so long, and running through their Spotify albums, it may raise an argument to say that they’ve been sticking around to what they’ve been doing since day one–and we got no problem with that.

Recently, the band released their newest single, UMAAPAW, off their forthcoming album. We can’t help not to imagine ourselves hearing and watching it live within the walls of Intramuros, with drizzles from the heavens. #feels Let your imagination work for you!


During the early times, we were stubborn to deny that it’s going to rain, in spite of the weather forecasts prior to the event day. (Well, one time, it was really sunny, but then they decided to rain on our parade. Yes, IR-3 we’re looking at you!)

This time, we are embracing the rainy season, so bring your raincoats… and dance with us!


Intramuros Rising V: Open City happens on July 9, 2016 at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros. Gates will be open by 3PM, show starts exactly at 4PM. Book your tickets now by filling this up:

Come to Intramuros. Give Intramuros a chance! #IntramurosRisingV

ILVSTRADOS declares Intramuros an ‘Open City’

Four months after the successful 2-day Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March, we are back for an ultraelectromagnetic INTRAMUROS RISING V: OPEN CITY happening on JULY 9, 2016 at the PUERTA REAL GARDENS, INTRAMUROS.

Albeit it’s going to be for one day only (like the preceding ones before IR-4), IR-V promises yet another distinct experience in the Walled City by embracing the event day’s forecasted weather of heavy rains by encouraging attendees to bring raincoats (raincoat party!) and fielding the line-up with acts that fit the mood of the night.

'Intramuros Rising V: Open City' official poster made by Markuss Javier of ILVSTRADOS.

‘Intramuros Rising V: Open City’ official poster made by Markuss Javier of ILVSTRADOS.

Headlining the festival will be indie folk stalwart, Clem Castro (Orange and Lemons, The Camerawalls) aka DRAGONFLY COLLECTOR and indie rock powerhouse, ANG BANDANG SHIRLEY. Still preserving our mission of showcasing Intramuros’ homegrown artists, solo post-rock act Marvin Chua aka ENDLESS NOISE, a resident of Intramuros, and Lyceum of the Philippines University-based rock band, EYEBEE, will be representing the Walled City in a line-up that is mostly fielded by acts from beyond the walls.

IR-V: OPEN CITY makes a bold move in introducing electronic music to its community by having MOONWLK, PARANOID CITY, and Cebu/Cagayan De Oro-based duo, KAAPIN in the line-up.  Joining them are LOBA Y LOBOS, THE SUBSPRING, RUNWAY HITS, WASTED WENDY, THE MODERN PLAYGROUND, CREATEURS, and BETWEEN ARCHERY AND OLYMPIC. Even if the line-up this time is made up mostly of outsider bands, we are maintaining the Intramuros Rising tradition and promise of introducing your newest favorite act/s in the music scene.

Additionally, IR-V takes a break in spoken word poetry by introducing newest attractions namely LPU-based theatre group, TANGHALANG BATINGAW, and solo stand-up comedian, MIGUEL PETINES. (These additional attractions came from the observation that the Intramuros Rising crowd is a listening crowd.)

For IR-V, we played around heavily with nostalgia: From the line-up down to the official look. Hence we settled with a strong homage to VOLTES V and to the lone letter V in our logo. This 5th installment may present an all-new line-up, but the experience is still the same, or maybe better.

Celebrate music and arts with us in Intramuros as we open our gates once again. Come to Intramuros. Give Intramuros a chance! Gates open by 3PM, show starts at exactly 4PM.

Book your tickets to Intramuros Rising V: Open City through this form: or contact 0997 493 5900 for tickets.


Creative Environment Intramuros - ff9999

Design Week Philippines April 2016


EX VIVO: From Beginning to End, by ILVSTRADOS, in partnership with Design Week Philippines organized by DTI-CITEM.

Design Week Philippines is a celebration of arts, design, history and culture aimed at fostering creativity and spurring innovations. 29 events, 14 venues, 24 partners. Celebrate Design Week Philippines with Creative Environment Intramuros. Log on to and register now!

You can also find Design Week Philippines on the following social media platforms: FacebookInstagram, and Twitter.

Official Hashtag: #DWP2016



IR4-Web Featured Image

Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March

Intramuros, we hear you. We are back!

Continuing our promise of revitalizing the beautiful Walled City through Intramuros Rising, we are back to give you a 2-day event, this time at the Puerta Real Gardens (Intramuros).

Get ready to experience Intramuros like no other through a BIGGER, BOLDER, and BETTER Intramuros Rising on March 18-19, 2016.

Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March, just like the previous ones, will feature bands from Lyceum of the Philippines University (LPU), Colegio de San Juan de Letran (CSJL), Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT), and Pamantasan ng Lungsod ng Maynila (PLM). This time select bands from Intramuros Rising 1 and 2 will get on stage once again for one final performance just before we transition our existing roster of artists into a new one.


Performing on the first day are quirky duo, Not Another Boyband (PLM, MIT) from Terno Recordings, pop-punk band, There’s Era! (CSJL), melodic hardcore band, Luciforms (MIT), alternative rock bands, Head Playback (LPU) and Soil & Green (MIT), acoustic soloist, Janica de Castro (PLM) and reggae-dub fusion band, Sky Garden (LPU).

Joining the homecoming heroes on the first day are guest bands Halik ni Gringo, Mr. Bones & The Boneyard Circus, We Are Imaginary, Sud, and MilesExperience.

Marching home at the Puerta Real Gardens on the 2nd day are ukulele-driven rockstars, Benny Bunny Band (adopted by ILVSTRADOS), chill-rap solo act, Gnarlydork (PLM), island reggae band, Mellow Submarine (LPU), pop-punk band, False Contender, hardcore band, Saving The Dying Hope (MIT), experimental act, Leo & The Tolstoys (PLM), math rock quartet, Shutter LIFE (CSJL, MIT), and performing their farewell gig is post-punk band, Kontra Tiempo (MIT).

Capping off the 2nd day of #IntramurosRising4 are Brisom, Cheats, Jensen & The Flips, Ourselves the Elves, and 2-years-in-the-making headliner, KJWAN.

Remaining consistent in showcasing spoken word poetry, this year’s Intramuros Rising will feature poets from The Artidope community, Speak! Philippines (March 18), newly-formed all-female group, Lakambini, and one of the finest poetry groups right now, White Wall Poetry. (March 19)

Get ready to start your summer 2016 with us in a homecoming like no other.

Come to Intramuros. Give Intramuros a chance.

Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March is set to happen on March 18-19, Friday and Saturday, at the Puerta Real Gardens, Intramuros. Gates open by 5pm; show starts at 6PM. Early bird ticket prices (and student discount) for the 2-day event are at P350 (P300) and 1-day pass are at P250 (P200) until March 17, 2016. You may contact Roy Salamat and/or Ankrizel Santos at 0915 103 6634 / 0926 366 6594 for tickets.

Intramuros Rising 4: The Homecoming March is presented by ILVSTRADOS, co-presented by Tanduay Rhu, and Lyric, through the continued assistance of the Intramuros Administration and Viva Manila. With Mapua Dot MOVE, Radio Republic,, Vandals On The Wall, Bandwagon PH, and Manila Bulletin as media partners.

By Ankrizel Santos