Banna Harbera gears up to release MV for ‘Sorrys & Goodbyes’

When it’s time to go, there’s no way of sugarcoating it, really, unless you’re about to tell your significant other a lie; thinking that it would ease the pain, but let’s be honest here—it won’t. Some people cut to the chase and leave without another word after. Some people take some time to say sorry, and goodbye.


After various performances around the Metro, a stint in Intramuros Rising 3 back in July 2015, and having released 2 EPs, as well as landing a spot in Wanderland 2017 as one of the Top 5 finalists, local soul/funk band Banna Harbera are increasingly one of the sought after independent acts today. The band is comprised of Yzabel Torres on vocals, Jake Masigan on guitar, Josh Planas on bass, Theo Blanch on keys, and Patrick Felipe on drums. They all came from De La Salle – College of Saint Benilde, and interestingly, all five of them have a Bachelor’s degree in Music Production which explains their distinct groove and masterful command of sound. Although the band’s music comes off as laid-back and chill, there are moments when their songs will have you up your feet and get you to dance.

After all, the band does play their music in a way that their listeners can dance, relate, and connect to.

MV Teaser


“It’s hard to say that I’m leaving you. The one thing on my mind is that you felt the same way, too.”

Now, in under a few days’ time, Banna Harbera are gearing up to release their first-ever music video for their ballad, Sorrys & Goodbyes, the second track off their second EP, Persistence. The song is essentially “a song that was kinda built around things unsaid to a certain someone, turning out to be too late to tell them,” per Banna Harbera guitarist, Jake Masigan. Asked if there were any experiences from anyone in the band that inspired the song, Masigan added that, “I wrote the song out of the blue—putting myself in the shoes of a person who’s just gotten their heart broken, or has just broken someone’s heart.” And it makes sense, because one could imagine the frustration of being left behind with all these things one could have said, would have said, and should have said.

Will we see this portrayed in the #SorrysMV? We’ll soon find out. Click here for the full event details.

MV Premiere Poster